Sofin Complete Care&Freshness Floral Passion Concentrated fabric softener, volume of 1800 ml is sufficient for 72 rinses

The package of liquid SOFIN COMPLETE CARE & FRESHNESS with the Floral Passion scentEnglish version

Warnings and important information (PPU)

  • Keep the liquid out of the reach of children.
  • In case of drinking the liquid, see a doctor.
  • Keep the liquid away from your eyes. In case of liquid getting into your eyes, rinse them with plenty of water.
  • Protect the product from the sun.
  • Store in an upright position.
  • Store the product at a temperature of 5–30 degrees.
  • The product is dermatologically tested.

Product description

Concentrated fabric softener SOFIN COMPLETE CARE & FRESHNESS with the Floral Passion scent, thanks to the technology of fragrance capsules, will ensure freshness and softness and, above all, a long-lasting fragrance for up to 3 months. The liquid actively protects colors and fabrics. It is dermatologically tested.

How to use, dosage

The concentrated Sofin softener softens fabrics and gives them a pleasant fragrance.

Use in a washing machine:

  • Pour the liquid into the rinse aid dispenser.
  • For a delicate fragrance, use 25 ml (half a cap) per 4.5 kg of laundry.
  • For a more perceptible scent effect, use 40 ml (the entire cap) per 4.5 kg of laundry.
  • For hand washing, use 15 ml (1/3 cap) per 10 l of water.
  • Suitable for all washing temperatures and all fabrics.

Manufacturer data

Manufacturer’s name and address

59-400 Jawor, ul. Kuziennicza 15, Poland

tel.+48 76 870-30-31

Country of origin


Nominal content

1.8 l is sufficient for 72 washes.

Expiry date

Expiry date: 18 months from manufacture date.

Production date and batch number on the top of the bottle.

List of ingredients with a list of allergens

  • < 5 % cationic surfactants;
  • perfumes (LIMONENE);


Packaging and recycling

Packaging made of recyclable plastics (bottle: PET, stopper: PP, wrapper – PET).

There is a perforation on the side of the wrapper. Tear it off (upper or lower part of the label) by pulling. This makes recycling the bottle easier.

Certificates and additional information

Dermatologically tested.


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