The focus of the new Sofin is on the consumer and the environment


Belonging to Global Cosmed S.A., the Sofin brand has been relaunched in the spirit of sustainable management, and it better responds to the needs of a wide group of stakeholders: consumers, investors and the natural environment.

Sofin, one of the major Global Cosmed brands, has undergone a comprehensive relaunch in the softener liquid category in line with an approach that takes into account the interests and expectations of a wide audience in the design process.

„The umbrella approach to needs analysis allows Global Cosmed to look for improvements and advantages at every stage of production. This is not always simple, e.g. the interests of the end customer and the environment may not go hand in hand. However, we listen to the opinions and comments of each party, looking at the assortment of store shelves, the business potential of retail chains or the voices of production heads in our plants. As the company’s Management Board, we can see that we are in the course of a significant change in the approach to the product and its production. This will have a permanent, direct and significant impact on the scope and manner of conducting the operational activities of each of the plants and departments in the company,“ says Magdalena Mielimonka, Vice President of the Management Board of Global Cosmed S.A.

Sofin customer’s needs are just the beginning

The Sofin brand, whose production of 8 softener liquids has just started, is the best example of this. The conclusions of extensive research into consumer behavior are reflected in new product lines.

The most important expected benefit in this product category is the fragrance. So, new ingredients were used, prepared for the Sofin brand specifically. 2 lines were created: Complete Care&Freshness based on delicate, fresh and floral scents and the Complete Care&Luxury line, which offers intense, perfumed aromas.

In order to enhance the effect, fragrance capsules were used, which ensure freshness for up to 3 months of storing clothes in the wardrobe. Additional consumer benefits, such as the softness and protection of fabrics, remain at a consistently high level.

Every fifth consumer surveyed declares a willingness to purchase products dedicated to people with particularly sensitive skin. The Sensitive variant has been prepared for them.

All products have been tested under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Consumer and environmental goals taken into account

In response to trends in the area of environmental protection and purchasing practices, the company decided to introduce a number of significant modifications. The liquid’s concentrated formula reduces the dose used, hence, for example: the largest package is enough for 111 rinses (compared to 66 so far).

Smaller packaging formats are fitted with sleeve wrappers, made of the same material as the bottle. In addition, perforation was used, which makes it easier for the consumer to recycle.

The shape of the packaging is also new, thanks to which the bottle will not only be more ergonomic, but also allows for the transport of up to 10% more pieces on a pallet.

An integrated approach in the design process takes into account the retailer’s most important needs. Thanks to their new capacities, the products meet the needs of both the traditional market (where the consumer offer and shelf arrangement are more often based on smaller packaging formats) and organized retail chains, such as supermarkets and discounters (large packages).

All this with the optimization of branding costs and a favorable quality to price ratio.

„The Sofin brand already occupies an important place in our portfolio. Current contracts for an earlier version of the product are the starting point. The improved formula and packaging, as well as the efficiency of use, meet the strict criteria of the needs of consumers, including foreign ones. Hence, we see business potential in this product,” Magdalena Mielimonka sums up.