Good ingredients! It is worth checking out Bobini’s offer after a comprehensive rebranding


One of the strongest children’s brands on the market, Bobini by Global Cosmed, has launched a completely revamped portfolio. The company focused on the highest quality products in the mainstream segment. The offer also stands out with its modern, coherent graphic design, a new Bobini Kids product line and hypoallergenic compositions in almost the entire brand. It is worth comparing the list of components – according to the brand’s research, clean composition is the strongest among the shoppers’ needs in this category.

Bobini, one of the major brands in the Global Cosmed S.A. portfolio, has recently undergone a thorough rebranding. The offer has been even more meticulously refined in terms of consumer and market requirements, and meets all the needs of newborns and infants as well as children over 1 year of age, as indicated in the research.

The Bobini brand has undergone comprehensive changes, which included both the cosmetic part of the portfolio and detergents. The basic assumptions of the changes are to refine the composition of products in accordance with the characteristics indicated in the consumer research: up to 98% of ingredients of natural origin, hypoallergenic, elements emphasizing the product’s safety, easy to find on the packaging by a shopper – on the front of the packaging. Most of the products under the Bobini brand use fragrances that do not contain potential allergens. Moreover, the volumes of shampoos, bath lotions, etc. were adjusted to meet the expectations of consumers. The brand expanded its offer for older children, creating a new line under Bobini Kids.

“Bobini is another brand after Sofin with the Global Cosmed logo, the rebranding of which was based on values that are the most important to us.  We definitely stand out with our quality, i.e., clean composition refined in our own R&D laboratories, the highest standard of production and quality control confirmed by external audits. Acting in the spirit of sustainable development and with concern for the environment, we made sure that our product bottles are 100% recyclable, equipped with an easy-to-tear label and foil, which supports the consumer in qualitative segregation of waste. The products are already available for buyers, and the first new products will be on store shelves in April.” Agnieszka Komorem, Bobini Brand Manager encouraged.

The new Bobini range consists of:
Bobini Baby – these are products intended for the care of the youngest children from the first day of their lives. All variants are hypoallergenic and therefore meet one of the most important consumer requirements.

The offer includes cosmetic products and detergents:

  • body and hair washing gel,
  • bubble bath,
  • shampoo,
  • lotion,
  • bar soap – brand new,
  • washing liquid for baby clothes,
  • concentrate for rinsing baby clothes,
  • laundry capsules,
  • laundry detergents.

Bobini Kids – is a group of cosmetics dedicated to the care of children over one year of age. Floral fragrances for daily care products encourage you to test, and the specially selected composition of cosmetic products guarantees safety and delicacy for young skin. Hypoallergenic cosmetics in the line include:

  • body and hair washing gel,
  • bubble bath
  • shampoo
  • soap in refill – new
  • and apart from that, antibacterial soap and care foam.

Bobini Fun – this includes 2-in-1 formulas already known to the consumer, but in a completely different version. As in the Kids line, these products are also intended for bathing for children over one year of age, but their distinguishing feature is the element of fun that children enjoy so much. That is why the Fun line representatives include:

  • dual-purpose bath liquids and body wash gels in a bottle that create high foam and have beautiful, fruity fragrances. Refills are also available for two products in this line.
  • colorful lotions for bathing and playing, which additionally color the water pink or green.

In the Bobini Family line, moms will also find a washing gel and, recently, washing capsules designed for the care of the whole family’s clothes. Taking care to maintain the gentle nature of the entire brand, these products can be used for children’s clothes from the first days of their lives. This line is available exclusively at Rossmann drugstores.

“The rebranding means many months of work on a new graphic approach (exposed benefits, white associated with cleanliness, logo lifting, easier line identification through the colors on the plugs), composition (up to 98% of ingredients of natural origin) or volume (300 ml for the Baby and 500 ml for the Kids Fun line, 1.8 l for detergents, new bottle shape). The brand’s celebrity should also be mentioned among the novelties. It is a dog, a synonym of a guardian, companion and friend, and a direct reference to the values that a trustworthy children’s brand, such as Bobini, must carry.” Agnieszka Komorek summed up.