GlobaLOVE ecosystem


On January 17 this year, the management boards of the companies of the Global Cosmed Capital Group adopted the Code of Ethics, which includes rules of conduct applicable to all stakeholders. A number of Policies have also been adopted regulating the company’s approach to such aspects as climate change, occupational health and safety and community involvement.

The Code of Ethics of the Global Cosmed Capital Group is the main in-house regulation adopted voluntarily by the organisation in the area of business ethics. It contains the values and attitudes that guide the entire organisation and that we expect all stakeholders to respect. These values are the DNA of our organisation, and referring to our values and attitudes allows us to make the right decisions every day. The Code is the starting point, the source for all internal regulations, including those in the Compliance area.

The document was created thanks to the involvement of the Management Board and the remarks collected during workshops among all employees. The basis for the creation of the Code was assumed to include binding and internationally recognised standards defining human and employee rights.

“We are a well-coordinated, ambitious and effective team that values professional challenges.

We treat others the way we want to be treated: honestly, fairly, by showing mutual respect and tolerance. By adopting this Code, we want to facilitate day-to-day activities and make the right decisions,” said Magdalena Miele, Vice-President of the Management Board of Global Cosmed S.A.

In turn, the slogan GlobaLOVE ecosystem is a set of Policies regulating the most vital areas of management in terms of sustainable development. The Policies define the Management Board’s approach to such topics as:

  • Climate policy
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Sustainable supply chain management policy in line with ESG principles
  • Community involvement policy

Each of the documents defines the utmost goal which the Policy was created for, and refers to external documents that served as guidelines for us. It also describes the primary directions of approaching the topic and sets out the structures for managing and reporting on it.

“We believe that a systematic, mature approach to the implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the company gives us the confidence to respond to the most vital challenges and expectations, while the commitment of the Management Board, directors and a large part of employees guarantees effective implementation,” added Mrs. President.