Sofin “with a dot” already in 6 European markets!


Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine – these are the new markets where Global Cosmed, the manufacturer of Sofin liquid laundry detergents and fabric softeners, has implemented a facility for visually impaired people.

When the Sofin brand decided to implement an innovation for blind and visually impaired people in September 2022, it set out to build a new product quality. The starting point was the desire to create products that are accessible to all and respond to the problems of an ageing society, in which more than half of citizens have a diagnosed eye disorder or disease*. The new quality is therefore not only the best functional performance of washing and softening products, but also the possibility for everyone to use them independently.

The three-step accessibility system for everyone was developed in collaboration with experts from the Society for the Care of the Blind in Laski. The solution was intended to be:

  • versatile – useful for everyone and implementable in any market (text adaptable in any language, commonly used code model);
  • practical – finding the QR code on the packaging is easier thanks to the special embossing on the bottles;
  • compatible – with any IT system for QR code reading and audiodescription used by consumers in different countries (no new applications are required).

The solution prepared in this way has been tested for the last six months on the Polish market, and after its positive reception, Sofin products with digital labels have been implemented for large-scale sales in 5 more countries (more at:

“Europe and other developed countries are suffering from the problem of an ageing population. It is therefore necessary to look for solutions today that respond to the natural processes associated with maturity, including visual problems. Therefore, implementations such as digital labelling are not only a levelling of the playing field in line with the UN’s 10th Sustainable Development Goal and part of our social responsibility. We see this solution as a success and a strong positioning of Sofin products not only on European markets,” concluded Magdalena Miele, Vice President of Global Cosmed S.A.

Sofin is the first group of Global Cosmed products that was developed according to the principles of the Integrated Product Development System. This means that implementing a social innovation is not the only important feature of the product; it comes with many more important solutions. The concentrated formula lasts for more uses of the laundry detergents and fabric softeners, the packagings and labels are made of recyclable materials and, in the case of the fabric softeners, a special perforation facilitates proper sorting. All fabric softeners are dermatologically tested. The shape of the bottle has been refined with a view to logistical efficiency, which has measurable benefits, not least in terms of carbon footprint. Functional expectations of the customers are reflected in fragrance compositions strengthened by scent capsules that maintain the fresh fragrance for up to 3 months. All concentrated fabric softeners soften and also protect the fabric and prevent colour fading. They can be found in as many as seven fragrance variants – Fresh Morning, Floral Passion, Sensitive, Perfume Pleasure, Perfume Bouquet, Luxury Gold, and Luxury Pearl.

The brand’s range also includes washing capsules for coloured as well as black and dark fabrics, which are gaining increasing recognition among consumers.

* Public opinion poll conducted for Vision Express with the CAWI methodology by IQS Sp. z o.o. in February 2022 on a representative sample of 1679 Polish respondents.