Global Cosmed improves in sustainability ranking


The Srebrny Listek Polityki award and the advancement by 4 positions in the Ranking of Responsible Companies are an excellent summary of a year’s work to implement sustainability principles at Global Cosmed.

Srebrny Listek CSR POLITYKI (CSR Silver Leaf of Polityka) is awarded to companies that declare that they take into account all key solutions of the ISO 26000 standard in their daily operations. These companies often rely on local and global best management practices and apply international standards. In addition, an ethical management system and the highest standards of human resource management are an important part of their governance. They report regularly to stakeholders on the impact of their activities, including through non-financial or integrated reports based on international disclosure standards. The prize is awarded by the Polityka Weekly, the Responsible Business Forum and the Deloitte consultancy. This year a record number of 127 companies applied for the award!

The Ranking of Responsible Companies, first published in 2007, is a list of the largest companies in Poland assessed for the quality of responsible management according to ESG guidelines. The authors of the ranking are Professor Bolesław Rok from the Positive Impact Entrepreneurship Research Centre at Kozminski University and Jarosław Horodecki, an analyst and editor. The survey changes every year, and this year companies were measured against a draft of the latest non-financial reporting indicators, known as ESRS. The difficulty of the survey is reflected in the fact that out of more than 100 companies interested in the survey, only 65 qualified. Global Cosmed is ranked 19th (and 23rd in 2022), third in the cosmetics industry behind L’Oreal Poland and Procter&Gamble.

‘Consistently, in small steps, with the involvement of more and more employees – this is our way of implementing sustainability in accordance with the European guidelines. The CSRD has set a high bar for large companies, and meeting the ESRS guidelines is a huge challenge. That is why we are not sitting back, but are working in working groups on further risk and impact analysis, conducting employee surveys and refining the Group’s decarbonisation plans. One and a half years after the entry into force of the Sustainable Development Strategy, I can confidently say that its provisions are a permanent and increasingly important part of our business activities,’ commented Magdalena Miele, Vice President of the Management Board of Global Cosmed.