First prize for Global Cosmed for activity in the ESG area


The Integrated Product Development Process, an approach to the design and making of cosmetics and household chemicals created at Global Cosmed, was awarded in the second edition of the ECU Sustainability Award competition. With the implemented tool, the company’s products become even more friendly to the environment and consumers with diverse needs at the earliest stage of development.

The ECU Sustainability Award is a unique award granted annually to retail chains, FMCG companies and suppliers for the best solutions in the area of sustainable development, projects effective in three dimensions: environmental management, economic efficiency and promoting social solidarity.

“The sustainable development strategy adopted at the beginning of the year has become a springboard for us to develop many new improvements and policies, which help us gain a number of competitive advantages. Each of our processes takes into account the natural environment as an important stakeholder and our team of employees is committed to looking for innovative solutions at every stage of production. Ultimately, those who benefit are our consumers and customers, who receive products of the highest quality and with as positive an impact on the climate as possible,” commented Magdalena Miele, Vice-President of the Management Board of Global Cosmed S.A.

In the opinion of the chairman of the jury, Mr. Robert Krzak, Senior Advisor at Ernst & Young Polska: “The ‘Integrated Product Development Process’ project presented by Global Cosmed is a holistic approach to the 3 elements of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social. Global Cosmed has not limited itself to the elements of sustainable development that ‘happen in the company itself, within production,’ but has extended its sense of environmental responsibility to the entire supply chain and all its participants involved in the design, manufacture and use of the products they make. This view is entirely in line with EU regulatory expectations. Global Cosmed aligns itself with leading international players and sets up standards that would be worth popularizing widely among Polish companies.”

The winners and finalists of the competition so far include companies such as: IKEA, P&G, Pepsico, Danone, Kaufland and Lidl. More information about the award-winning Integrated Product Development Process: Environmentally friendly packaging | Global Cosmed Group